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This not for profit venture serves to promote exploration through recognition of significant expeditions and discoveries. It also curates special exhibits featuring feats and historical achievements. Charleville Castle serves both as the museum's exhibition space as well as its global expedition base for launching new expedition projects

Once the home of Colonel Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury, notable as an explorer and amateur botanist in the Himalayas. Colonel Howard-Bury, was appointed leader of the first expedition which set out to climb Mount Everest in 1920-1921. While Colonel Howard-Bury was not himself actively involved as a climber, George Mallory and other members of the expedition team reached some 23,000 feet without benefit of oxygen cylinders or other more recent sophistications in equipment.

This expedition, which received an enormous public following, effectively provided survey information invaluable to subsequent expeditions and established the North Col route as the route of choice for several early attempts on Everest.

The surname Howard-Bury is reflected in the latin name of a plant brought back from the Himalaya region by the Colonel. A room in the Royal Geographical Society in London is named in honour of Colonel Howard-Bury.

The patron of The Explorers Museum is Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Explorer's Summit 2016

June 24 - June 26, 2016 at the Charleville Castle

The Explorers Museum is pleased to announce that Captain Norman Baker, world renowned explorer, and celestial navigator for the Thor Heyerdahl Ra, Ra II and Tigris expeditions is this year's recipient of TEM's Exploration Achievement Award. For information on the gala in his honor please inquire [email protected]

Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Explorers Museum represent a wealth of experience in the field of exploration, heritage, digital expertise and the museum sector.

Global Expedition Base

Charleville Castle, Ireland

Global Expedition Base

Charleville Castle, Ireland

Charleville Castle
Co. Offaly
[email protected]
Latitude : 53 degrees 15' 39.37 N
Longitude: 7 degrees 31' 40.49" W
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